Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Apocalypse Not

August 22 has come and passed in much of the world, but perhaps most importantly, in Tehran and Jerusalem.

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's ravings about unleashing death and destruction upon the earth to celebrate the anniversary of Muhammad's midnight ride to heaven and hell on his centaur Buraq have proven to be just more of his usual gaseous rhetorical excesses.

Instead of incinerating Tel Aviv or New York, the power and might of the Iranian armed forces instead fell on one lone Romanian oil rig:

Romania said Iranian troops opened fire from a warship and seized a Romanian oil rig Tuesday off the coast of Iran, holding its workers in an incident stemming from a commercial dispute.

Sergiu Medar, a national security adviser to Romanian President Traian Basescu, said the seizure resulted from a commercial dispute Iran is treating "in an extreme way." He gave no details.

Romania's Foreign Ministry called on Iranian authorities to immediately free Romanian crew members being held by the troops who took over the rig. The rig operator said seven Indian crew members had been released but 20 Romanians were still detained.

"We are dealing with a commercial dispute that is being treated in an extreme way by the Iranian authorities," Medar told Realitatea TV. He added that Iranian authorities had not confirmed the incident. Iranian officials and state media offered no immediate statements.

The company that operates the rig was in Iranian courts earlier this year over a dispute involving another one of its oil rigs, the Romanian financial weekly Saptamana Financiara has reported.

I would remind the Iranian government that Romanians have had their ways of dealing with arrogant Islamic interlopers in the past:

Source: Washington Post

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the claim of Muhammad rising up to god , it was a Muslim based TV show where the host mocked Christians for believing that Jesus rose from the dead and was carried up to heaven to be with god.

How strange that Muslims want everyone to accept that that's exactly what happened with Muhammad, Islam is a retro-active faith created by a man that heard voices in his head and actually believed Allah wanted him to have sex with a child that was 9 year old.
It's pretty sad when Muslims don't believe that God has the power to come down to Earth in the body of a Human, but a story about Muhammad flying through the air on a horse with wings that took him up to heaven.
If those 72 virgins are the same 9 year olds that Muhammad banged to feed his lust and pedophilia, then we better ban Islam right away here in the West before NAMBLA finds out and uses Muhammad to justify kiddie-porn and child sexcapades.