Saturday, January 28, 2006

Situation Report: Toronto Blogfest

It was the highlight of the social calendar in Toronto, and the usual suspects were there talking politics and getting pissed.

Bob Tarantino and Jason Cherniak were there, of course. As were Greg Staples, Damian Brooks, The Last Amazon, North American Patriot, Kathy Shaidle, The Wingnuterer, Section 15, The Accordion Guy (with accordion, natch) and others whose names I cannot recall but ask not to take offence, because without them, the event wouldn't have been half as successful.

Many thanks to Andrew Coyne, Warren Kinsella, and Antonia Zerbisias for gracing us amateur hacks with their presence.

Thanks to the good folk at Fiddlers Green for hosting the event.

And thanks again to everyone who was there.


BBS said...

For those of us who couldn't attend, we won't be satisfied without pictures.

Zorpheous said...

It was good meeting you, I unfortinately didn't snag a pic of you (lucky for you) with that evil black fuzy lip, oh the possibilities. LOL

Well I have admitt, I found that everyone who showed up to be very interesting, polite and delight to talk to. It seems to be a shame that we all behave politer in public than in the blogosphere, but then again it is nice to know that the knives get put away while we are in polite society ;-)