Friday, January 20, 2006

Freaky Friday

Is it just me, or did everybody seem to lose their cool today in the media and both major parties?

The Globe and Mail's fearmongering, the Toronto Star's hysteria about the "religious right", Paul Martin's rants about the Calgary cabal and Stephen Harper's imaginary anti-abortion extremism, Ed Broadbent's farewell blast at the Liberals, , and Peter MacKay's "stick to your knitting" jibe at Alexa McDonough--all of these were just the highlights of a very angry day.

Win or lose, everybody wants this election campaign to be over. People are tired, everyone's on edge, nerves are fraying, tempers are short.

Today just seemed to be the day when everybody, no matter their political stripe, had had enough and couldn't take it any more.

And the effect of all this ranting and raving on the public?

Marginal, if the current polls are any indication.

The public wants this campaign over too, and maybe they tuned out today's sound and fury signiying nothing.


Warwick said...

Ha! Just wanting it to be over was the title of this post

I just want this disgraceful atrocity of an election over with so we can be rid of Martin once and for all.

Rob said...

I say good bye to a real Gentleman Ed Broadbent. I do not agree with him politically but he always voiced his view well and with dignity. Canada is a better place because of his work for ALL of us. His speach today was sprinkles on the icing of the cake.