Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Major Dissonance In A Minor Key

The current Liberal minority owes much to having won a majority of the minorities, as have their past majorities. But the Liberals now only have a minority of minorities to support their minority, and maybe not even that:

A poll of 1,500 Canadians taken this past weekend by The Strategic Counsel found support for all four major parties to be more or less where it was at the time of the federal election in June, 2004: with the Liberals modestly ahead but well shy of a majority government.

But Conservative support among visible minorities — who traditionally have overwhelmingly favoured the Liberals — hovered just under 30 per cent, within striking distance of the Liberals' 38 per cent.

Moreover, Tory support from minorities is in line with the party's support from the broader population, suggesting the Liberal advantage in this area may be overblown.

If these numbers are borne out in other polls, a lot of seats in the Toronto area long since thought to be unwinnable will start coming into play. New Canadians may finally be realizing collectively that the Liberal Party may have brought them here, but that is hardly a reason for gratitude.

Think of how many highly-qualified immigrants have been lured here through a cruel bait-and-switch, with promises of well-paid jobs only to be told their degrees, licences and experience don't count when they get here.

Think also of how many immigrants establish small businesses, work themselves to the bone to get ahead, and find themselves dealing with endless piles of red tape and taxes.

Think also of how many came to escape corrupt governments that are little more than organized rackeetering, where those in office get rich off bribes to get ordinary work done or protection money to avoid harassment. Adscam may seem mild in comparison, but immigrants can see the same mentality present in both countries' governments.

To say nothing of same-sex marriage, an issue that convinces many immigrants that the Liberals not only promote immorality but also threaten the freedom of conscience they thought they'd have.

The Liberals brought armies of immigrants over to help keep themselves in office in perpetuity with the votes of supposedly grateful new Canadians to offset those of old Canadians, primarily of European descent, who might favour the Tories.

Their aims recall the words of Bertolt Brecht: "Would it not be easier in that case for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?"

Too bad for the Grits that the newly elected Canadian people aren't all playing along.

Source: Globe and Mail

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