Wednesday, September 28, 2005


David Dingwall's days of wine and roses at the Royal Canadian Mint are over:

Dingwall issued a statement Wednesday announcing that he was stepping down so that the controversy would not detract from the work of the Mint. The former Liberal cabinet minister has been under fire over reports that he and top aides racked up expenses of more than $740,000 last year.

He has also been criticized for failing to register as a lobbyist for Bioniche Life Sciences Inc., a Toronto pharmaceutical company.

Reports have said the company agreed to pay Dingwall up to $350,000 for his help in securing grants under a Technology Partnerships Canada program - even though program rules forbid hiring lobbyists.

Dingwall's resignation rids Martin of a Chretien loyalist who was also up to his scuppers in Adscam, first as the public works minister who brought Chuck Guite into the department to run it, thenas the lobbyist Adscam beneficiary Jean Lafleur hired to lobby on behalf of client VIA Rail.

It also allows Martin to look like he's doing something about Techscam at the same time.

Dingwall's resignation kills three birds with one stone for Martin.

But it doesn't clear away the stench of corruption hanging over the government.

Source: National Post

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