Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bowling for College Street

Toronto Mayor David Miller has solved the case of the seven shootings in one day: American gun laws are to blame!

Mayor David Miller told reporters he was "very concerned" about the shootings, adding, "The fact that our crime rates are dropping isn't enough."

The Mayor blamed lax gun laws in the United States for some of Toronto's violence, saying half the firearms in the city originated in America.

"It really is time to establish an effective strategy, working with the United States, to stop the easy access for guns that people are going to bring to Canada," Mr. Miller said.

"It's a huge problem and it's just not acceptable."

Does Mayor Miller have any stats on the origin of handguns in Toronto or did he just pull that number out of thin air? No matter, it's easier to play to naive urban voters' prejudices than to actually address the problem.

Torontonians fear guns as though they were talismans capable of turning peaceful, law-abiding men into bloodthirsty killers. They fear the United States almost as much as well.

He's just created an urban legend which will be as enduring in the Toronto psyche as the one about the most wife-beating incidents taking place on Super Bowl Sunday.

Source: National Post

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Mark said...

Bang on, Loyalist.

My question is why the MSM left out the tidy little fact that the assailants in at least three of the cases are known to be black.....