Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Another Veiled Threat

The slightest suggestion that Canada might just be a terror target has got the esteemed Dr. Tariq Abdelhaleem, director of the Dar Al-Arqam Islamic Centre in Mississauga all in a huff. And he's letting our esteemed Prime Minister know just how outraged he is.

His Appeal to the Prime Minister can be boiled down to three salient points:

1. Terrorism is all the Americans' fault;
2. Canada hasn't been attacked because it's stayed out of Iraq;
3. Don't fight us and we won't fight you.

Is the Canadian government going to let the likes of this pissant and his fellow-travellers blackmail us into not defending our freedoms against Islamic terrorism?

Sadly, yes.

POSTSCRIPT: You can sign up for the Centre's Diploma in Sharia Law program if you have a high school diploma. Tell 'em Marion Boyd sent you.

1 comment:

insider said...

These the guys that let Ahmad drive on thru with his carload of bombs heading for LAX? Sheesh. Of course we have our own issues, when we catch someone, look at what they get...