Friday, March 18, 2005

Jane, You Ignorant Hack

One of the Globe and Mail's more annoyingly smug scribes, Jane Taber, angles for a gig with People Magazine with this gushing tabloid gossip column passing for legitimate convention coverage:

But they (the Harpers) were just the warm-up act for that other Conservative couple -- Peter MacKay and Belinda Stronach.

Several hours after the Harpers' arrival, Ms. Stronach strode into the convention hallway dressed head-to-toe in St. Patrick's Day green, smiling, greeting and shaking hands with delegates.

In green leather jacket, striped green pants, beige shoes with a hint of green and even green eye shadow, Ms. Stronach, who last year ran unsuccessfully against Mr. Harper for the Conservative leadership and is rumoured to have plans to run again, could not be missed.

No fear! Our intrepid reporterette doesn't forget to regurgitate the Liberal party talking points, faxed fresh every morning to newsrooms around the country:

Not only have they added some star quality to a rather bland party, the couple pose a legitimate threat to Mr. Harper's leadership....

Although Mr. MacKay spoke at the convention last night, Ms. Stronach has a lower profile. There were rumours that she was deliberately left off the speakers' list by Mr. Harper because of her leadership ambitions.

Some convention delegates detect an undercurrent of leadership politics.
Belinda, Peter, Prentice (Calgary Tory MP Jim Prentice) are positioning themselves, no question," said one Winnipeg delegate, who didn't want to give his name.

Ah yes, the usual drive-by innuendo from the unnamed source.

The MSM has been working overtime to sow enough doubt and uncertainty in people's minds to force a leadership review.

In the MSM's curious calculations, if only ONE delegate votes in favour of a leadership review, next day's headlines will read: HARPER WINS LEADERSHIP VOTE 1,999-1 BUT TORIES REMAIN DEEPLY DIVIDED ON HARPER.


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